The ThimBULL Diary

The ThimBULL Diary

Progress has begun!!! Last term the marvellous Year 9 and 10 agriculture students completed a wide range of research on the cotton industry, from farming to fashion, and have passed it on to the art students who spent a few lessons deliberating over several points, and delegating roles and sections. They have now come up with the idea of ‘Cottonopoly’ as saw the connection between the chance that is found in both Monopoly and farming. They have also started to design the parts of the cotton process, ranging from elaborate clothes, to tractors spraying, to the intricate parts of the factory.


Being here in this humble art room is awe-inspiring. I can feel the presence of my ancestors (both of them!) with every breath I take. I am honoured to share in the traditional painting of the hooves in this most fetching golden colour. I have heard the students say that the gold hooves symbolise this land that I am standing on, a land that was once alive in the ecstasy of gold. The very core of this dwelling place is rooted in this wonderful metal, and this is why the ceremonial painting of the hooves is the first thing to fulfilled.



Until next time,

ThimBULL xx

Hi again! Progress is moving along slowly, with drawings beginning to take shape on my body. The art room is is a busy beehive of activity with HSC art pieces being submitted and the Year 9/10 photography class book of Weddin Shire community members taking shape. The 9/10 art class is steadily creating more drawings and plans are always being formed. I am constantly surrounded by chattering students, with audible sighs then someone asking for a rubber. But despite the mistakes that help us learn, I am slowly and steadily being transformed into a very attractive bull!

Much love,

ThimBULL xx

Hi everyone!

Well, progress has certainly picked up speed. With the deadline for my transformation just around the corner, students are working on me at every hour of the day. At lunch, sport and during art class students are painting and creating. With Disney songs playing in the background, it is a crazy scene. Sometimes I even have 12 people painting me at the same time! But I’m not complaining, I love the attention and I am rarely alone now.

On one side, the students have explored the connections between cotton and the fashion industry. The fashion runway is starting to take shape, with the craziest shoes and the most beautiful dress on display. My rump is covered with dress patterns from eras gone by and a gorgeous dress mannequin.

In the centre of my back, the Cottonopoly board is taking shape with the outlines drawn and game pieces painted. The board represents the cycle of growing and processing cotton in Australia. The Chance cards that are scattered over my body represent  the aspects of cotton farming that are up to chance. The Community Chest cards, also scattered around represent what Australians can do in our farming and consumption of cotton to make it more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

On my other side, students have created visual representations of the cotton farming industry with tractors and headers. The growing process of cotton from soil to flower is also represented, and looks fabulous!

I can’t wait to see what I will look like when I finish and I hope I look as good as my predecessors, BAM and Bullseye!


ThimBULL xx

Hi, me again!

It is the last day of Term 3 and the deadline is here! Students have been working on me around the clock, from 1st period to the last bell of the day. I am almost finished and the students are working hard. The room is filled with laughter, banter and ZiYin’s puns!

The farm is almost finished, the Gin is nearly there. My horns, covered with thimbles are also nearly finished. The fashion parade is nearing completion (what is a cotton cow without a bit of a fashion parade?) and the industry process is also nearly finished. Everything is so close, we can taste it!

The game board across my back has been decorated with images of mountains, sewing machines, scissors, measuring tapes and cotton plants. Game pieces such as irons, hats and thimbles are being distributed across the board. The Chance and Community Chest icons are going on… Almost there!

Bye for now,

ThimBULL xx

Hello again, it’s me one last time!
Hot chips and ice cream abound as volunteers work hard putting the last little touches on my legs and all over my body. Since they’ve had to get down so low, I’ve been elevated up on to a table to make life a little easier! People have been crawling under me and around me like nobody’s business. Where would I be without these great students working so hard to get me where I am today? Where would I be without their bizarre debates on the ethics of caviar, without their loud music and laughter and jokes? The teamwork and camaraderie that has developed between them over the last few months is evident in every moment and every brushstroke.

Now for the varnish…




Thanks for the memories!

ThimBULL xx