The Archibull Team!

The Research Team

Over the past few months the Year 8 students and the Year 9/10 agriculture class have been researching information on the Australian cotton industry. Year 8 have been researching all aspects of sustainability in the cotton industry. Whilst the Year 9/10 agriculture class individually researched and presented topics which included:

  • The Cotton Industry- Alistair
  • Agriculture Adapting to Climate Change- Connor
  • Biosecurity- Aiden, Ethan and Samuel
  • Careers in the Cotton Industry- Nathan
  • Cotton Breeding- Abbey
  • Cotton Weeds- Connor
  • Cotton Diseases- Samuel
  • Cotton Pests- Andrew
  • Irrigating Cotton- Marie
  • Products of Cotton and their Uses- Lucy
  • Cotton Fashion and the Reduction of Waste- Hannah
  • Fertiliser Application and Soil Testing- Sophie
  • Growing Cotton- Heather
  • Reducing Energy Use- Jesse and Jonathon
  • Harvesting Cotton- Jesse
  • Renewable Energy- Jonathon
  • Marketing and exporting cotton-Bridget
  • Sustainability in the Cotton Industry- Marie
The Year 9/10 Ag students (most amazing researchers).
The ag class (researchers) with ThimBULL

The Animation Team

The Animations are being created by the Photography and Digital Media Class. They have been madly creating cut-outs to animate and juggling software. A lot has been learnt about the cotton industry and the process of making an animation. The team consists of Marie, Andrew, Tarlia, Sarah K, Matthew, Sarah D, Tanaya, Heather, Zoe, Sophie, Isabelle, ZiYin and Samantha.

Stage 5 Photography Class

The Art Team

The artists have been hard at it all term, taking the wonderful research done by our ag and geography students and translating this into an amazing artwork. 2015’s “Bullseye” was a hard act to follow, but “ThimBULL” is shaping up to be an amazing piece of work.

The team are: Isabelle, Sarah, Jack, ZiYin, Tara, Jeremy and Kirk. We thank Paige, Abbey, Jessica, Jade, Caitlin, Yongyan, Charlotte, Kira, Ebony, Andrew, Marie and Karyl-Lee for helping out as we near our deadline!

Early days!
The art class with a few of our volunteers!
ThimBULL again withour artists and with more of our volunteers.